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Four Things To Know About Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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Even though you are making your regular payments, your debts aren’t going down. If you have regular income, chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you restructure your debts so that you can actually pay them off, instead of watching the balances climb each month. Take a few minutes to learn some of the important details about filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy. 1. The Bankruptcy Takes Years to Complete The exact term of your chapter 13 bankruptcy varies based on how much you owe to creditors and how much income you have. Read More»

Payday Loans And Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Payday loans have a bad reputation, but for those in desperate financial straits, there may be no alternative. Unfortunately, being in desperate financial straits can lead to another inevitability, a bankruptcy filing. While you may know that the vast majority of your debts can be wiped out with a Chapter 7 filing, you may also know that some debts will remain after the bankruptcy. It’s in your best interest to get the most debt forgiveness possible with your bankruptcy filing, so read on for a better understanding of how payday loans are treated when filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read More»

Are You Eligible For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

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Chapter 7 bankruptcy can seem preferable to chapter 13 for many people, since you won’t have to repay any of your debts under chapter 7. This gives you the means to start with a fresh slate financially. Not everyone qualifies for chapter 7, though. The following guide can help you determine if it is a viable option for you. The Means Test You must prove that you do not have the means to repay your obligations in order to qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy. Read More»

What Happens In A Debt Collection Lawsuit?

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According to, there are seven different ways to defend a debt collection lawsuit. With so many different options to consider, it is normal for you to wonder what to expect. Two Most Effective Defenses There are just two defenses that tend to be effective when it comes to debt collection lawsuits. The first will allow the consumer to provide evidence of the debt not belonging to him or her. The second involves a defense that will aid the consumer in reaching a lower settlement price for the debt acquired. Read More»